The Master Criminal

I am in the process of developing a card game, called The Master Criminal. In the game you get to steal hundreds of millions of dollars worth of famous treasures from your friends. Here is a snapshot of the cards so far.

Master Criminal Photo

I was inspired by my friend Jason’s board game, Camp Grizzly. My friend Grant Alexander is doing the artwork. It turns out that there are some very inexpensive print-on-demand services for printing playing cards, game boards and even entire board games. The cards in the photo above were printed via The Game Crafter.

The Legend of Zokoban

Recently, Stephen Lavelle (aka @increpare) released this awesome puzzle game creator called PuzzleScript. I spent a while making a little game with it called The Legend of Zokoban.

Click to play!

My inspiration is clearly everyone’s favorite NES game from 1986, but I wanted to not just clone the game, but to answer a long-standing question “Why can’t I push that block out of this room?” So many block-pushing puzzles in video games limit the area in which you can push the blocks. I always wanted to try puzzles that span larger areas. So here’s my attempt to answer that.

The game features most of the clichés you’ve come to expect and enjoy: blocks you can push, pots to smash, a sword, a shield, a grappling hook, traps, monsters, gems, hearts, secret areas, a dungeon and an old lady with some helpful advice. Not bad for 500 lines of code!

If you die, just hold Z to rewind a bit and try again.

Rotary Dialer Updated

After a very long hiatus, I finally found some time to update a few of my iOS apps. As of today, an update to Rotary Dialer has been released that addresses some iOS 6 glitches. The others are still in Apple’s review queue. My fingers are crossed that everything goes smoothly.

Video Tennis Released in the Mac App Store

My game, Video Tennis, was released in the Mac App Store this morning. It is already #25 in the Top Free Apps and #8 in Top Free Games. We’ll see how long that lasts :)

Get it while it is free! Tell a friend!
(also if you have a nicer screenshot or a video, send it my way :)

Chess+More Released!

Yay! My new iPhone Chess game called Chess+More has been released!

You can play Chess and 9 variants, both classic and modern.

Here’s a video of the game in action:

Click here to find out more.